Simply Marketing are publishers specializing in professional publication production. We realise the potential in publications’ and provide effective professional print media management solutions.

Our forte covers organizational management, marketing, and back office administration, tailor-made to effectively create measurable opportunities.

Simply Marketing is part of a group of companies founded in 1981 in Botswana.


Simply Marketing operates in the following areas of specialisation:

  1. Marketing Intelligence
  2. Media marketing
  3. Professional publication production
  4. Business solutions
  5. Conceptual Design and Layout
  6. Print and distribution country wide
  7. Web portal - a platform where all publications are launched.
  8. Subscriber and subscriptions management
BIA Magazine
The magazine promotes
dialogue among professionals which helps them chart ways in which they could render best possible services.

ARTIFACTS , is a 20-page quarterly magazine which is produced on behalf of the Botswana Society of the arts. It is a treasure trove of the following:

Ground-breaking reports on the arts and its development in Botswana.
Feature's on aspects of the proposed school of arts.
Local events on the arts, music and drama.
Interviews with artists, musicians, sculptures and photographers Show case of art exhibitions and music expos and more.

Over the last thirty years our publications have evolved into the most penetrating advertising tools in Botswana. This is because of our knowledge of the unique consumer behaviour of of this nation's population.
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